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Comic for Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Dialog for This Comic

Hi everyone.

My life has gone crazy for the past few months.

I've had both a shoulder injury (osteoarthritic tendinitis) and a leg injury (sprain), and we're moving (not far, but we have to prep and sell our house).

I will be taking a hiatus from Saijiki Stories for several weeks (I am not sure how long, I'm sorry) in order to heal up and get my life in order.

This doesn't mean no comics!

I'll be posting Crow Feathers #1: Poached Egg, plus additional work-in-progress art until I'm back on my feet again.

I hope to be back with Summerside within the next two to three months. I have a plot and everything. I just need the time to write it and prep it for you all.

Please be patient with me so that I can bring you the awesome, because Summerside is awesome, and will be a fitting closure to the series. Promise.

--Leanne ^_^