Crow on a Fence


Autumnside is an online graphic novel, about a girl (Mala) and her friend Jack Bales (a pumpkinhead), and their quest to identify a floating, glowing ball. Along the way, they're stalked by a Wolf. It's one of those fairy tale wolves, because this is a fairy tale, after all.

In some ways, it's a familiar fairy tale. If you look sideways, you'll recognize some faces. In other ways, it's very different.

Sad Karasu in Snow


Winterside is a online graphic novel, about a girl (Mala) and the crow paragon (Karasu), and their quest to wrest winter from the grasp of a very cranky Baba Yaga.


Leanne Opaskar

Leanne Opaskar: Story and Art

Leanne is the primary creative force behind the Saijiki Stories.

Mark Opaskar

Mark Opaskar: Additional Dialog, Web Maintenance

Mark plays second fiddle on the artistic side of the Saijiki Stories, tightening the dialog and layouts. Mark is also Autumnside Production's web master.